The creation of would not be possible without the assistance of many people.  Of course, Arbitron has been of tremendous assistance.  The company is notoriously protective of their information, and rightfully so.  However, the information presented here is purely of a historical nature.  That notwithstanding, all the Arbitron data on this website is still strictly copyrighted, and may not be reproduced without express written consent from Arbitron.

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Very special thanks to Bob Michaels, formerly of the Arbitron company, for his assistance in obtaining data and clearances.  Also, thanks to Steve Eberhart, Don Keyes, Mike Shannon, Walt Troup, Wally Wawro, Karin Crosby, Jeff Miller and Safford Black for assistance with historical information and images.



David Gleason's American Radio History
  -  a must-bookmark site for any radio historian, David has tirelessly scanned thousands of pages worth of historic broadcasting materials that are all available for free. 

KLIF  -  the most exhaustive station history anywhere on the Internet.  Steve Eberhart has put together an incomparable collection of everything about Dallas' most legendary station: KLIF 1190. 
Steve also has an internet oldies station that replicates KLIF's legendary top 40 sound at  -  a station-by-station history of DFW radio by Mike Shannon.

  "Texas Signs On" by Richard Schroeder is indispensable reading for any enthusiast of the earliest days of Texas. 
   The book details the histories of the earliest radio and television stations in the state.



The Zoo -  a tribute to legendary DFW rock station KZEW, "The Zoo".

Houston Radio History - a great site detailing the history of radio in Houston in a blog format

Jeff Miller's History of American Broadcasting - a fabulous resource focusing on early AM, FM and TV broadcasting across America  -  learn more about the company that measures radio audiences throughout North America and see current ratings for all measured markets  -  the radio industry's most-relied upon news and information website

Historic Photos of KRLD Radio & TV  -  Andrew Dart has rescued and preserved some amazing historic photos from KRLD radio and TV (now Fox 4).