This website is dedicated to the countless radio broadcasters whose passion it was, and is, to create compelling radio, as well as the countless listeners, without whom such pursuit would be meaningless.  It is not the intent of this website to explain the intricacies of how radio ratings are determined, nor to debate the merits or shortcomings of the various methodologies involved.  The aim is to give as clear a picture as possible of the general listening habits over the years as measured by the dominant ratings service.  Also, one word of caution:  as radio choices have increased, and radio programming has become more specialized, it is more common for radio stations to focus on narrow demographics.  Many times a station may be extremely successful in its target audience (e.g. Men 18-34), yet not appear in the overall top ten.  Again, this website focuses only on the broad picture of overall listening habits, it would simply be impossible to detail all of the smaller battles that have taken place over the years.  If you are interested in a more focused historical report tailored to your needs, please feel free to contact me.

The origins of this website can be traced back nearly two decades, when Chris Huff began collecting the quarterly local ratings information contained in newspaper articles.  From those articles grew a running tally of stations’ ratings performances.  While in high school, Huff began a career in radio and gained access to the Arbitron reports he’d once only read articles about.  Soon, the scope and breadth of his research expanded, documenting Dallas and Fort Worth radio history from sign-on to the present day.  The collection of ratings data also increased, and his reputation as one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s leading radio historians grew.  When Arbitron remodeled their Dallas offices, instead of discarding all of their old reports, they called Huff.  Chris Huff now maintains the largest private collection of Dallas/Fort Worth Arbitron data anywhere.   The idea to share this vast amount of data, both for listeners and broadcasters (past, present, and future) led to the creation, the very first website to document the ratings history of any radio market.

Please feel free to email any questions, comments, corrections, or musings that you may have.  Also welcome are any logos, images, or pictures that might help add to the commentaries contained herein.  It is the goal of this website to eventually include all historical ratings of this market - so any information regarding Pulse, Nielson Radio or Hooper Ratings for Dallas or Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated!  Also welcome are any additional Birch Ratings or AccuRatings as this site is the repository of Dallas/Fort Worth radio ratings information.